What are "websites," and how can I manage them?

Posted by Daniel on May 16, 2007

Within Slamdot, a "website" is a sort of virtual domain that shares resources with one of your hosting plans. Your default website would be the one that you manage when you click on the plan name from your dashboard. However, if your plan allows it, you could setup additional websites for your plan and manage those from the control panel, too.

For instance, you could have a plan where www.mybusiness.com is the default website, and then you create the websites www.mybusinessblog.com and www.myotherbusiness.com. All three websites would share the allotted resources for your hosting plan, but each would have it's own tabbed view with a directory for your files, email accounts, databases, etc.

To create websites or edit existing ones, start by logging into your Slamdot account at http://www.slamdot.com/login, then...

  • Choose the Hosting Plan from the dashboard for which you want to create, delete or edit websites. If you only have one website for a plan, click the "Add another website" link at the top left. If you already have two or more websites, click the "Edit" link at the top left next to the "Choose a Website" link.
  • From here, you can Create a new website, Edit a website, Delete a website and make another website the default for managing within the plan's control panel.

To manage your websites, choose a plan from the dashboard, then click the "Choose a website" link at the top left. This will activate a drop-down box that lets you select a website to manage.