How do I add hyperlinks (or "links") to my website through WordPress?

Posted by Daniel on June 19, 2011

Hyperlinks, or Links for short, consist of two parts: the text that displays on the web page that people will see, and the actual URL/domain name where the link will take someone.

  1. Type the text you want to appear on the page (this can be the URL or anything else like "visit our vendor's website...").
  2. Select the text you want to link.
  3. Click the "Link" button (chainlink icon) in the toolbar.
  4. Enter the destination URL where you'll be linking to. For an external website use the full URL ( For a link to an internal page on your own website, just use the part after your website address (i.e. /about-us, or /contact-us).
  5. Add a Title for the link, such as the name of the company or website you're linking. This is important for search engine optimization, so use keywords when possible.
  6. Click "Insert" to create the hyperlink.