How do I edit file and folder permissions from within the control panel?

Posted by Daniel on November 29, 2007

File and folder permissions define who can read, write, and execute files, such as scripts, or access and modify folders. For instance, when the installation instructions for a particular script asks you to CHMOD a file, you are being asked to set file permissions. File permissions can by modified by most popular FTP clients or through the Slamdot control panel.

To change file and folder permissions through your Slamdot control panel, first log into your Slamdot account. From your dashboard, choose a plan to manage. Click the files tab and navigate the file browser to the file or folder that you want change permissions for. Click the edit link under the file or folder and make the necessary permission changes, then click save changes.

Some common permission levels for files are:

600 Makes a file inaccessible
644 Readable by everyone (e.g. HTML documents)
666 File can be read and modified
755 File can be read and executed by everyone
777 Writable and executable by everyone (use with caution)

Most CGI scripts need to be set to 755. Please refer to the script's documentation for proper installation instructions.