How do I create and edit autoresponders?

Posted by Daniel on April 22, 2006

Autoresponders are email robots that reply to all incoming messages with a standard outgoing message. The autoresponder will reply to all messages received, regardless of their content. For example, some companies keep updated price lists on an autoresponder. Potential customers would e-mail and they would receive the price list in their e-mail inbox within moments.

Note: You cannot create an autoresponder name if it already exists as a POP3 account, forwarder, or mailing list.

From the dashboard, choose a plan. Click the email tab and click the autoresponders link. Click create a new autoresponder. Keep in mind that the responder message cannot include HTML tags.

Tip: Enabling the CC feature allows you to monitor how many requests your autoresponder receives.

To modify an autoresponder click the edit link. To delete an autoresponder click the delete icon.