How do I create a site backup?

Posted by Daniel on April 21, 2006

To create a site backup, first login to your Slamdot account to access your control panel, which you will find at

Once you're logged into your Slamdot account, choose a domain from the main dashboard area. Then click the "Advanced" tab and click the "Backups" link along the top. Finally, click "Create a new backup" and select everything that you would like to store in your backup file, after which you can click the button to create the backup. It may take a few minutes, so you might need to refresh your browser window to see the backup file. For information on downloading a copy of the backup, please see this quick help article:

Note: The backup file takes the form

[backup]-[Month]-[Day]-[Year]-[Backup Number].

If you created several backups on the same day, they would look like:


This feature prevents you from accidentally overwriting a backup file.

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